Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Like Riding a Bike

We bought Abigail a bike about two years ago. It was a cheap little BMX from Walmart. I figured she could learn to ride on that and then pass it on to Aidan.

We finally removed the training wheels a few weeks ago.

My little girl, who jumped off a high dive at the age of five, was afraid of falling on her bike. She was content to pedal around the street leaning on the training wheels.

It was driving me crazy. Every time I suggested removing the training wheels, she started to cry.

A few weeks ago, she was riding a neighbor kid's scooter.

"Daddy, I can ride the scooter."

"If you can ride that, you can ride your bike without training wheels."

"Okay, take off the training wheels."

She shed a few tears that first day but picked it up pretty quickly. It was as if a switch was thrown inside her head.

I look forward to riding my bike with her around the street. Aidan pedals furiously on his tricycle to keep up with us. Sometimes, the neighbor kids are out on their bikes. We ride in circles on the cul-de-sac, trying to keep from crashing into each other. It's been great.

I want to get her a new bike for Christmas. I've got my eye on an Electra Hawaii.


Sally said...

Yay, Abigail! Bella is having that same struggle. Dad hid her training wheels and Logan found them the other day...training wheels back on and Bella leaning to the side. She has done it w/o but still afraid.

.escamilla. said...

sounds like an independent soul who needs to learn things on her own. i don't envy the teen years you might experience, only because i lived that and i know what it can look like :)

Sara said...

We still have the training wheels on. We were hoping to be done with them this summer but didn't work out. Johnny is so very close!