Friday, November 13, 2009

Too Big

Have you ever thought about dinosaurs? Those things were huge. Giant reptiles roaming the earth, eating massive amounts of vegetation and meat. I've seen "Jurassic Park" so I know a little about dinosaurs.

Some dinosaurs were as big as city buses. Some stood as tall as three story houses. Gargantuan winged reptiles soared through the skies emitting piercing shrieks.

Have you ever wondered why there aren't any animals that big anymore?

The largest land animal is an elephant. They're pretty big but they're tiny compared to a brontosaurus. The largest flying creature is the albatross with its eight to twelve foot wingspan. They're miracles of efficient soaring.

If you look in the ocean, you can find creatures rivalling the dinosaur for size. Blue whales, the largest animal, can reach nearly one hundred feet long. Other whales are smaller but still massive. But whales have an advantage - buoyancy.

What was it about the age of dinosaurs that allowed creatures to grow to heroic sizes and survive. Why did they not run out of food necessary to support they're colossal frames? Why are there not similar animals roaming the earth today?

I've got a theory that goes something like this - There was only so much room in the ark.


Anonymous said...


but the ark story works for me too. :)

Arthur said...

i think it's bc humans killed/ate anything that was bog and we could get our hands on ;)

brian said...

Noah told the T-Rex to wait for the next would be by in a few minutes...

TimB said...

Bruce, it's good to hear from you again.

Arthur, true.

Brian, T-rex's weren't known for their smarts.

Personally, I don't think dinosaurs really existed. The fossils were just left by Satan to lead us down the path of evolution.