Thursday, August 7, 2008

She Loved That Car

About two and a half years ago we decided to buy a Mini Cooper. We went down to our local Mini dealer and test drove a coupe and a convertible. After cruising around with the top down and Abigail in the back seat we decided to buy a Cooper S Convertible.

We picked out the color and features we wanted and then waited. And waited. Every day for two months I got on the Mini website and tracked the progress of our car.

In the meantime we got a new addition to our family - Aidan.

We started to wonder if we made the right decision. The Mini is pretty small for two car seats. But we made it work.

After two months of waiting, our car was finally delivered. It was a chili red Cooper S convertible with the sport package.

It was awesome.

We loved that car.

But our love was not to last.

A few weeks ago our baby was taken from us. It doesn't make sense to spend $24,000 to repair a $24,000 car.

We went car shopping today. We have a rule in our family - we don't buy boring cars anymore.

We like red cars.


Sally said...

Just a little bigger :)
How fun. I'm glad I get to see it soon.

Judy said...

That looks like a fun car - actually it looks like a Montana car...Just kidding. Very Cool!

We Happy 3 said...

Nice!!! Congrats on the new addition. Tabitha looks very happy in her new car, the way that it should be.