Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Things That I Love

This is for my Mom who wanted to know why I hadn't written about the things I love. Well, it's kind of embarrassing. Here they are in no particular order:

Baby birds,
Precious Moments figurines,
Soft kisses,
Walks on the beach,
Thomas Kinkade paintings (they're so light-like),
Soft music,
Frilly shirts,
"Love is..." cartoons,
"Ziggy" cartoons,
Hello Kitty,
Strawberry Shortcake (not the dessert),
Bunny slippers,
A warm bath,


People who try to rob a store using a toy gun only to find out the clerk has a real gun and the robber gets shot in the face.

I love that.


Sally said...

Shoulda known!

ellieherrity said...

you had me until 'precious moments figurines'.


Judy said...

So, can we use this for your wish list for your birthday and Christmas?? I've got some great ideas already!!