Friday, May 23, 2008

That Tastes a Little...Odd.

It was a little rainy today when we got home from school. I decided to make a Bisquick Cinnamon Struesel Coffee Cake because I like sweets. A lot.

I grabbed the cinnamon from the cupboard and measured out a heaping half teaspoon. I like cinnamon. The cinnamon looked a bit grainier than usual but I thought it might have been a special type. I dumped it into the bowl with the brown sugar, butter, and Bisquick. And then I took a good look at the spice bottle. "Cumin."

That's not cinnamon.

I scooped out most of the cumin, found the cinnamon, and dumped in a heaping half teaspoon.

It's pretty good but you can definitely taste the cumin. Not really how Betty Crocker intended coffee cake to taste.


himandhermuller said...
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himandhermuller said...


I did that once making Snickerdoodles. So, don't feel bad your not alone.