Thursday, May 1, 2008

What Would You Do?

Let's say you've been sitting at the bar drinking all day and your blood alcohol is almost 3 times the legal limit. You have also been arrested for drunk driving within the last month. Your step-daughter calls and asks for a ride home from the Mall. She's 17 and has a driver's license. Do you:

A. Let her drive.

B. Insist on driving yourself.

If you answer "A" you get home to sleep it off. If you answer "B" and your step-daughter calls the cops from her cell-phone while you are driving erratically, you get arrested for DUI, felony child endangerment, and have your wife's brand new Escalade impounded for 30 days (she probably won't be very happy).

I hope you swallowed your pride and answered "A".

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