Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's June...

... so it must be time for a new pool.

Every year Tabitha tells me she wants a pool. Having grown up with the sublime joys of a backyard swimming pool, Tabitha has found it difficult to adjust to life without.

I grew up with sprinklers and little plastic pools that quickly filled with grass clippings. Pools were a luxury for the idle rich.

I want a pool. I really do. I can think of nothing better than taking a dip in the cool, refreshing waters of my own swimmin' hole after a day in the salt mines. It sounds awesome.

It also sounds expensive.

So every year we have been in the new house, Tabitha has brought home a successively larger inflatable pool. This year's is the biggest yet. Abigail can actually swim across but still easily touch the bottom. Aidan doesn't really like the water, but we can usually cajole him into sitting in an inner tube. Tab and I can sit in the water and soak up all those harmful UV rays. One hundred degrees doesn't seem so hot when you are sitting in cool water.

Maybe we can get a real pool in a few years.


Judy said...

Save some money and get yourself a new pool...the key is saving the money. Hey - Brandon wants to know when you are going to come visit again. We miss you!

Sally said...

Looks cool and refreshing!