Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Sword of Damocles, Sort of.

I have a recurring dream that I am still enrolled in college. The semester is winding down and finals are fast approaching. In my dream, I have just realized that I have enrolled in a class but have not been attending that class for some time. I think the class might have been today or perhaps yesterday, but I'm not really sure.

The problem is that I can't remember the name of the class.

I rack my brain to remember with no success. It's usually one of those necessary evils like Bible something, or college algebra, or philosophy. I just stopped going, but I didn't drop it and I'm worried about failing.

I've had this dream dozens of times. I've been out of college for twelve years but I'm still worried about unknown assignments hanging over my head.

Today when I had this dream while attempting to nap, I hit upon a solution. I should carry a small notebook to write down all of my assignments. When I complete an assignment, I just make a little check next to the entry. Now I never need to forget about missing an assignment or forgetting a class.

Why couldn't I have figured that out 17 years ago when it might have done me some good?


I just got a letter that my student loan has been paid in full. Now maybe the dreams will stop.


Sally said...

The two school dreams that I had for years were not being able to open my locker and not finding my class (wandering all over, lost.) more student loans!

Judy said...

Kuddos on the student loan! You kicked Sallie Mae out of the spare bedroom(as Dave Ramsey would say). I've had similar dreams...maybe we should have tried harder in school...