Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Small Victory?

In the battle of the sexes, victory is measured by...?

Not ground gained, enemy combatants killed, or total annihilation of the enemy. If you treat a relationship like a battle, then there can be no victory.

That being said...

Tabitha told me the other day that she was going to get all three "National Treasure" movies and watch them this week. I said there were only two "National Treasure" movies. She looked at me with pitying eyes and said that no, there were, in fact, three movies. I said I was pretty sure there were only two.

Today she told me she watched "National Treasure" with Abigail and that, yes, there were only two "National Treasure" movies.

I'm not gloating. I'm only putting it on record because it is very rare that I'm correct.


MamaSue said...

Technically, you were correct, but Tabitha displays amazing prophetic powers. NT3 is in the works. I read about it just yesterday.

So I'm thinking she's still right.

ellieherrity said...

i'm so glad you're the one having those arguments with her now instead of me.

don't you just love that we both inherited the 'i'm right' gene from our dad?

brian said...

Another hollow victory for us men! Way to go, Timbo!

TimB said...

Mamasue - Can't I just enjoy the moment. Just for a little bit. Please.

Ellieherrity - If you hadn't moved off on your own so I hardly ever get to see you we could still be having these arguments.

Brian - I'm just a soldier on the front lines of love.