Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I was a paperboy. I hated the job but I still love newspapers.

2. I'm more of a doubter than a believer.

3. I act like an ass when I play board games.

4. I always have three flashlights with me when I'm at work. Sometimes I grab a fourth.

5. I joined the Navy because I wasn't ready for college. After the first day of boot camp, I was ready for college.

6. I sat in the lobby of a massage parlor in Thailand.

7. I have a low tolerance of alcohol. My friends make fun of me because I get buzzed after one beer.

8. I'm mildly color-blind. So the tests say.

9. I used to be a Democrat who voted Republican. Now I'm a Republican who voted for Obama.

10. I've been inside a Planned Parenthood clinic. They were nice, compassionate people.

11. I wasn't smart enough to be a nerd and wasn't athletic enough to be a jock in high school.

12. I love soccer.

13. I didn't feel like an adult until Abigail was born.

14. My wife gets upset because she can't tell when I'm being serious.

15. Live your life so when the inevitable happens, you are surrounded by loved ones or they find you within minutes. Don't be the guy whose body is found two months later.

16. I used to be skinnier.

17. I enjoy running but I need to make it a habit.

18. I got straight "A"s my first semester in college. It was all downhill from there.

19. My wife was my first.

20. I like to see new places and revisit old places.

21. I wasn't allowed to listen to rock music until I was about 12 years old.

22. I'm fascinated by 20th century Russian history, World War 2, and sailing ships.

23. I don't like Topical sermons. They make me want to stop going to church.

24. I will buy my wife any pair of shoes she wants.

25. I've seen some pretty shitty stuff.


Chuck said...

#7. That's not the only reason we make fun of you.

#16. I demand photographic proof!

TimB said...

Okay, I'll add another.

26. If I'm telling a story there's a good chance it's not going anywhere.