Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snow Trip

On Saturday afternoon, I woke up from my nap. Tab looked at me and said, "We should go to the mountains and spend the night so the kids can play in the snow." I agreed so we leaped into action.

Three hours later we were finally on the road (packed bags, got in the car, stopped at Starbucks, drove to the in-laws house to pick up porta-crib, got dinner from Carl's Jr., returned to our house to fix insulin pump, and finally started driving to Arrowhead).

Tab looked for a room in Big Bear but couldn't find anything. With about a foot of new snow I thought that might be a problem. She did find us a room at the Lakeview Lodge in Lake Arrowhead. It's a Victorian inn overlooking the lake just around the corner from the Village.

We woke Sunday morning to falling snow. We hurriedly checked out of the inn to avoid disturbing the other guests and had breakfast at Belgian Waffle Works. After breakfast we fed the ducks in the lake. As soon as we stepped outside with the paper bags of duck food, the ducks flocked in our direction.

I wanted to drive to Big Bear to go to one of the snow play areas but an accident stopped traffic on the highway. We turned around and stopped at Snow Valley. One hundred dollars later we had four lift tickets to use the sledding area.

It was snowing and the clouds rolled in while we were sledding.

After about an hour, Tabitha and Abigail gave up and went inside to warm up. Aidan and I took a few more rides. His cheeks were red and his nose was running but he loved it. It was a good time.


Sally said...

Such fun...the last time you went sledding was down our road...

I love Arrowhead and miss Big Bear...too bad you couldn't get there.

Sara said...

How fun! WE haven't really had enough snow for sledding. We just keep getting a little and then it melts right away. But we still have a lot of winter left!

Sally said...

We had tons of snow in Dec. but it was so cold no one wanted to go out and sled.