Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Like a Good Bath Towel

There's nothing like a good soft towel after a long luxurious shower.

But this post isn't really about that. It's more about a few observations from the past few days.

1. Bad girls hang around with bad boys. Or vice versa.
2. You can drive the 75 miles from work to wife's work in traffic in less than an hour if you exceed the speed limit.
3. Fast food is fast but it's not food.
4. Hostess Chocolate Donette Gems might taste sorta good but they aren't very satisfying.
5. Sometimes it's not your fault.
6. Usually it is.
7. Good friends help out in times of crisis if they know there's a crisis.
8. Nobody buys print encyclopedias anymore.
9. The lady sitting at the table outside Starbucks in barefeet and mumbling to herself might be a drug addicted parolee or she might be an angel but you'll never know unless you ask.
10. Sometimes I crave cheese as I'm falling asleep. I don't think it's because my body needs cheese.
11. Summertime blows.
12. I've got great kids but sometimes they really get on my nerves.
13. Most magazines are just trying to get you to buy stuff. And yet I still read them.
14. A Jeep doesn't replace a Mini.
15. Comedians aren't funny if you're not in the mood.
16. Carlos Mencia is not funny. Period. Full stop (for the Brits).
17. Sometimes I'm not very motivated to go to church. It usually happens only once a week.
18. Super Sugar Crisp taste good but you can feel your body shutting down after you eat them.
19. Lance Armstrong should stay retired.
20. You can't unshred an important document.
21. People lie. Sometimes.
22. Some people lie all the time. (This is not a logic puzzle).
23. I want to go to the Minnesota State Fair and eat a corn dog.
24. Liberals suck and Conservatives blow.
25. Moderates are wishy-washy.
26. The book of Revelation is not about a super-computer in Belgium called the Beast.
27. Electricity is the future of transportation.
28. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

And finally...

29. Sleep doesn't satisfy like it used to but I still do it.

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Anonymous said...

Haha funny! Hope all is well w/you. I havent had the time to read your blog for awhile but have some down time tonight. All true except about Lance! Ill be back at the IRC starting next week stop in and say HI!(Cross-training,yeah right!)Take care and stay safe!