Friday, September 5, 2008

You Eat That?

When I was a youngster you could have not gotten me to eat an artichoke for any amount of money. They looked disgusting and smelled worse.

But then, when I was in Europe, I had a pasta dish made with artichoke hearts. It had artichoke hearts, garlic, rotini, olive oil and bacon.

Bacon makes everything better.

It was pretty good.

I didn't become an artichoke eater overnight but I did stop my personal campaign to remove them from the list of edibles.

Several months ago, Tab and I were at the Ojai Valley Inn. We ate at one of the restaurants at the resort. There was an artichoke appetizer listed on the menu.

I don't remember exactly how it was prepared but it had something to do with an artichoke, garlic, olive oil, and fire.

It was good - darn good.

And it doesn't give you stinky pee like my other favorite veggie.

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Sara said...

I'm so proud of you big bro! You are expanding your food horizons so much. Miss you tons!