Sunday, September 7, 2008

That's Reassuring

We found out the other day that GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin's seventeen-year-old daughter, Bristol, is pregnant.

These things happen.

A little beer, a little boredom and nature takes its course.

And then we find out she is going to marry the father of the baby (I hear the rack of a shotgun slide).

What a relief. I thought for sure she would have to give up the baby for adoption. I'm sure everything will be okay now that two teenagers are going to raise the child.


Sally said...

Shotgun or no I give them much more chance for success than if they lived in California. Seventeen in Alaska is probaly equivalent to 25 in CA in maturity and self-sufficientcy. Pop

TimB said...

Yeah those Alaska kids may know how to skin a moose or ride a snow mobile but do they know which bus to take to get to the beach with their surfboard or how to avoid getting shot in a drive-by in East LA or how to navigate the intricacies of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

This post wasn't about the relative maturity levels of kids. Its about the politicians stacking the bullshit high and trying to foist it off on the public. Do we really believe Palin was selected because she was the most qualified or because she's a good looking, "Family Values" conservative with two X chromosomes.

The selection of her is as transparent as the Democrats choice of Joe Biden. McCain offsets his experience with a inexperienced female and Obama offsets his inexperience with a guy who's been in the Senate nearly as long as I've been alive.

I think I may be sitting this election out even though I like both candidates.

What I don't like is the cynical mud-slinging practiced by both camps.

Oh, and Pop, sign up for your own ID.