Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Love This Country

In the circles I run in, you hear a lot about how "We need to take this country back for God" and "This country was founded on Judeo-Christian values." I'm not sure what "Judeo-Christian values" are but I'm pretty sure they don't include animal sacrifices, polygamy, and stoning.

Evangelical Christians have had unprecedented access to political power for the past 30 years. Jimmy Carter, for all of his Southern liberalism, was a "born again" Christian. The religious right rallied to thrust Ronald Reagan into the White House. Evangelicals turned the Democrats out of Congress in the 90's and helped George W. serve eight years in office. Evangelical pastors have had the ear of the president and Congress for a while now.

To what end?

The past thirty years have seen a continued erosion of "Judeo-Christian values" in this country. Divorce, drug use, pornography, teen pregnancy, gay rights, abortion.... The list goes on.

All of this political power has netted Christians in this country nothing.

Vote for whomever or whatever you think is best in November but don't think it's going to stem the tide. It's time Christians started leading by example and not by legislation.


ellieherrity said...


and how the heck have you gotten so many blog hits? do you bribe people with prizes or something?

Bruce said...


I can't believe you do not believe that we can vote our way back to God!!

You commie, socialist, liberal, conservative Christian :)

You are quite right.


.escamilla. said...


TimB said...

I get the hits because I deliver a product using only the highest quality freshest ingredients on time and for a great price.

Actually it's cause I check out my own blog several times a day and the exclusion feature isn't working properly on my Sitemeter.

And the fresh ingredients.

dean said...

Don't you ever say anything critical of liberal, sacialist, commie atheists?

Judy said...

I don't think we need to look to the government to legislate morality - it doesn't work. We just need them to stay out of our lives, except for the things they were designed for - protection and infrastructure.

brian said...


and fresh...