Friday, October 24, 2008


Tab was looking for a Halloween costume the other day. She had a hard time finding a costume that wasn't prefaced by the description "Sexy". There were costumes for Sexy Nurse, Sexy Maid, Sexy Cop, Sexy Doctor, and Sexy Hooker. Tab's already got Sexy Schoolteacher covered.

We started thinking about other "Sexy" costumes for the ladies. How about a Sexy School Lunch Lady, or a Sexy Taxi Driver, or a Sexy Stenographer. Perhaps a Sexy Administrative Assistant or a Sexy X-ray Technician. Or a Sexy CEO. I think Sexy Mortician would be a perfect Halloween costume for a daring young lady looking for a good time on October 31.

I'm just going to dress up in my usual costume on Halloween. I don't have any specific plans but I'm sure I'll be going to a lot of parties.

I won't be bringing beer.

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