Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Big Day

I just returned from casting my ballot. Abigail had been expressing an interest in the election so I decided to take her to the polling place with me. Abigail said she wanted Barack Obama but then she isn't old enough to vote. I think she enjoyed herself.

In the last two elections I felt like my choice was between suicide by shotgun or train. This time around I feel much better about my choice.

Much better.

PS. Sonic Youth flossing ROCK!!!


dean said...

The results of today's activity remind me of Enya's song "Only Time"

Judy said...

Anya was crying last night because she's worried about Obama winning. That's my Montana girl.

TimB said...

Now she really has something to cry about.

Judy said...

Actually we talked through it all - she's fine. It had more to do with something from Sunday School. Anyway - congrats on the election win. Now I have someone close to home to blame when it all goes to hell. ;)