Sunday, November 9, 2008

The iPhone

When I first heard about them I wanted one very badly.

I know, I know. I'm a victim of marketing hype.

I decided to wait a while. I coveted the iPhone but by waiting a while I could feel less like a shallow materialist. So I waited.

The first generation iPhone came and went (that thing was really expensive). And then the 3G iPhone came out. Better, faster, cheaper (what's not to love).

But I still waited.

And then one day Tab tells me she wants a new phone to replace her old Razor. We go to the store and buy her a Blackberry. I almost got one but I wasn't eligible for an upgrade yet. So I waited. I can't believe I almost settled for a Blackberry.

I went back a few weeks later. Still not eligible. So I waited some more.

My eligibility date came and went. I continued to wait, proud that I had such strong self-control. And then I folded like a cheap suit.

Now I have to figure the thing out. It does connect with my wireless network at home which is pretty cool.


ellieherrity said...

i. am. so. jealous.

i'm upgrade eligible much was it as an upgrade?

TimB said...

199 for the phone and about 15 bucks for the activation. Service is an additional 30 a month. I got the 8 gig and I'm already almost out of memory but then I don't have another iPod like some.