Tuesday, November 18, 2008

That's Not Ironic At All

Let's say you've just posted a photo of your young son wearing only his diaper and your wife's much-too-large-for-him cowboy boots. It's a funny, cute photo that you've saved with the title, "Nearly Naked Cowboy."

And then you get a comment on the post. Comments are a fun way to interact with your readers. I love comments.

But this is someone you don't know. This person has posted a comment under a name like, "Live Nude Ladies" (not the real name).

I'm a curious sort. I think for a moment that this is possibly somebody I know. A name like "Live Nude Ladies" is kind of funny. If they have a blog titled "Live Nude Ladies" that is nothing about live nude ladies -- that's funny. I mean, my blog isn't really about cast iron skillets.

I love funny. I love ironic.

So being a diligent blogger, I follow the trail to the blog "Live Nude Ladies." Much to my surprise, it's a blog of nude ladies. Nude ladies hiding things.

That's not really very funny. At least it's not ironic in any way.

I write a family blog. So I deleted the comment. I don't usually delete comments (I think this was the first time).

The moral of the story is: don't use the words "naked" and "cowboy" in titles of photos of your kid lest someone trolling blogs for references to porn leaves a link leading back to a pornography site.


MamaSue said...

Advertising yourself as one thing and then behaving as another is the heart of comedy.

We were at a family dinner at a Roadhouse Grill in Temecula, sitting by a window. My little 6-year-old grandson was watching some of the local fellows participate in a questionable activity in the parking lot. He began to sing quietly, and doodle on his napkin. The artwork and accompanying song were both entitled "Cowboys Huggin'"

Now, that there's funny; I don't care who you are.

TimB said...

"Cowboys Huggin" would be a great title for a blog.

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