Sunday, March 23, 2008

Empty Tomb Day

While I'm not at the point of going to church only twice a year, I am still a relatively infrequent attender (Work. What can you do?). However, I did go today. I even wore long pants.

It was a good service. A-Dub did a fine job leading worship and even threw in a hymn for the traditionalists like me.

We had dinner at our house with Grandpa Andy and Grandma Terry. This afternoon I hid eggs in the backyard for the kids to find.

Aidan was more interested in eating his Cadbury Caramel Egg than looking for Easter Eggs. Chocolate is way better than a hard boiled egg.

Abigail was up for the hunt.

There's one.

She's a cutie.

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Sally said...

Such fun and so warm!!