Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hiking Mount Rubidoux

Abigail and I hiked to the top of Mount Rubidoux this morning. She has been very excited about the hike since I told her about it last week. Last night she packed her backpack with things she would need. Stuff like "Lamby" - her stuffed sheep, her coloring book, a bottle of water and some strawberries and apples.

Looking at Downtown Riverside.

We hiked up the Mount Rubidoux Trail.

Abigail striking a pose in front of the tower.

Enjoying a break on top of Mount Rubidoux.

Abigail takes pretty good photos. Too bad her dad is such a geek.

Taco Station, home of some of the best food in Riverside. Lamby is stealing some of Abigail's rice.

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Sally said...

Looks like a fun hike. Can I join you someday?