Friday, March 28, 2008

Here's a Question

For all the Riversidians:

What happened to Los Amigos on Main Street. Tabitha and I drove past there on Monday and Los Amigos, our favorite hole-in-the-wall taco stand, was gone.

There was an empty lot where the home of our favorite crispy shredded beef tacos used to reside. A smooth dirt lot. Not one sign of the covered dining patio, the parking lot, the panhandling homeless dude, or the little screens covering the ordering window.

I shed a tear.


ellieherrity said...

two words...

dom betro

MamaSue said...

what!?! I'm in shock; no, denial; maybe bargaining; or guilt; anger? Depression? Dang, I'm going to miss those nachos...crispy chips literally swimming in luscious greasy melted cheese. ((sigh)) Yep, it's definitely depression.

TimB said...

Los Amigos believed that generous helpings of cheese made everything better.

I've heard from a confidential source (Hi Brett) that Los Amigos moved to another location where they have struggled and are closing.