Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let Me Tell You About Something that Changed My Life

About three years ago, Tabitha and I decided that something was missing in our lives. Oh sure, things were going just fine. We were happy and healthy. We had a beautiful daughter and a lovely home. We just wanted more. We wanted to get the most out of... our carpet.

We put the old Hoover out to pasture and dropped five medium on a Dyson Animal. It was amazing. It was quiet. It was bagless. It was purple. It sucked more dirt out of the carpet than I thought possible. And all the suckings spin around in the chamber when you're vacuuming. It's like a psychedelic dirt show.

I know that some say there are better vacuums out there. I don't care. When you buy a Dyson, you're not just getting a super-sweet vacuum, you're joining a community. A community of cool, hip vacuumers. Most of the people we know have Dysons now. It just kind of happened. Electrolux owners don't seem as interesting now.

The accessories can be a little fiddly and difficult. There are a couple of attachments that I have no idea how to use. Aidan pretends they are space-ships. This doesn't dampen my enthusiasm for the Dyson one bit. I love this vacuum.

I saw the Dyson Root handheld vacuum at Target the other day. Someday.


ellieherrity said...

you had already covered bread, beer, cheese and soccer. it was only a matter of time before you waxed eoloquent about your dyson...

and i will admit that it also changed my life.

Sally said...

So glad the simple things in life make you happy.

You can use my Dyson on my carpet anytime you want.

Oh, yes, you'd have to drive over 1200 miles to do that.

Judy said...

I love Dysons. We use them in our business. The best part is the unconditional guarantee...I've replaced 2 of mine - I just take them back to Sears and walk out with a brand new one! The newest one I bought has a 5 YEAR guarantee!! A great investment.