Monday, December 3, 2007

Fun in the Snow

We arrived in a winter wonderland yesterday. There was about 6 inches of snow on the ground and the road leading up to Mom and Dad's was covered in snow and ice. We almost made it up to their driveway when all forward motion stopped. I climbed out of the car and put the chains on. I hate to put on chains. My hands were frozen.

After we warmed up, it was time to get cold again. Mark had been sliding down the road on Saturday so we knew the road was good for sledding. We climbed up the road and started sliding down. Abigail and I slid off the road and into a small snow bank. She didn't like having snow on her face but fortunately Judy had some proper snow gear for her.

Mark, Dad, and I got our exercise pulling the girls up the hill and sliding down. We even got Judy and Sara to slide down together. With warm clothing on, Abigail loved sliding down the hill.
Today we woke up to rain. All the snow is melting and turning to slush. There will be no more snow play this trip. You can't sled in mud.


ellieherrity said...

glad to see you guys are having so much fun. too bad the snow had to leave so soon.

just a friendly reminder....don't forget to bring home all the things you need to bring home. or i just might have to put mushrooms and pickles and mayonaise on everything i make from now on.

TimB said...

The camera is in the car.