Friday, December 7, 2007

A Simpler Christmas, Perhaps

Tabitha and I have decided to scale back our purchases for Christmas this year. The toys we get for the kids get played with only a very short period of time before becoming "clutter." And Tabitha and I really don't need anything else. But it is hard to break old habits.

I see all sorts of things that I want to get for Tabitha. I see things that I would love to have. I see things that I really want to get for Abigail and Aidan. And then I look around the house.

Our giant house crammed full of stuff. And I think about how little some people have - luxuries like food and clean drinking water. I wonder if I am really honoring the birth of Jesus by buying a trinket for Tabitha and asking for a new, bigger, television. Am I teaching our children to be doers of the Gospel or consumers?

At this point, I am teaching them to be consumers. I have bought into the delusion that stuff will make me happy. But worst of all, I don't really even believe that it will. I just buy stuff compulsively.

We are going to try to use this Christmas season to break our consumer habit. We are going to try to be faithful to the Gospel. We are not going to try - we are going to do.


Sally said...

Sounds great. It is amazing how we think "stuff" will make us feel. I was just thinking today how the simple pleasure of life are so satisifying, such as my son coming to visit with his daughter for such a quick trip, hugs and kisses from children and grandchildren and sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Arthur said...

amen tim. glad that you are actually going to do this. seems like most of us come to this realization (several times even). but, we just keep buying...

good for you. change your world and help your kids know something better.