Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mmmmm! II

I like beer. I like beer brewed with top fermenting yeast. I like beer that you can't see through when you hold your glass up to the light. I like beer that has a thick, creamy head that lingers. I like beer that tastes like burnt toast with a hint of honey. I like beer that tastes good cold. I like beer that tastes even better when it's not so cold. I like beer that hits your taste buds like a heavily loaded 18-wheeler driven by a meth-addled madman 4 hours late to his destination.

That's right, I want the taste of my beer to whack me over the head with the flat side of a shovel. I like my beer when it pours like 30-weight motor oil. I don't drink beer because I want to quench my thirst - that's what water is for. I drink beer because bitter is better sometimes. And it pairs really well with an 18-month-old Vermont cheddar.

One is enough. Sometimes one is more than enough.


TimB said...

If you don't like beer, that's okay with me too.

Sally said...

Cheese and beer, I like the cheese but somehow that beer just doesn't cut it.

What about fruit and veggies?

Judy said...

Yeah Tim - Are you going to write about your new found love of tomatoes??