Monday, December 31, 2007

Mmmmm! IV

French fries.

Take an Idaho Russet, wash and peel it. Slice it and bathe it in hot oil. Drain and salt. Eat and die of coronary artery disease.

French fries are the reason I am not very critical of alcoholics and drug addicts. You see, I have an addiction to french fries. Seriously. Thankfully, french fries are still legal.

When I was younger I tried to go a week without eating french fries. I lasted about three days before I fell off the wagon. Now I don't even try to stop.

I like In-n-Out's fries. They taste like real unadulterated potatoes. But you have to eat them hot. Like when you're in the car driving home from work. The people at In-n-Out look at me with pity when they see me for the third time in a week.

At least I'm eating my vegetables.

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