Thursday, December 20, 2007

What's Really Important (Updated)

This Christmas season we American Christians should remember what is really important.

- We must fight for Nativity scenes on city halls.
- We must boycott when retailers have "Holiday" catalogs instead of "Christmas" catalogs.
- We need to defend our right to erect crosses on public lands.
- We need to go to the mat to protect our right to post the Ten Commandments in government buildings.
- We must protect our tradition of having "In God We Trust" on our coins.
- We need to fight attempts by the Godless atheists to remove "under God" from our Pledge of Allegiance.

If we as American Christians don't stand up and protect our Christian traditions, who will? Are we going to allow the ACLU and the secular humanists to walk all over us? These public displays of our devotion to the Gospel are more important than:

- The scourges of AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis
- Poverty
- Refugees displaced by war
- The lack of clean drinking water for most of the world's population
- War
- The exploitation of the environment
- Sex trafficking
- Homelessness in developed countries
- Child and Spousal abuse
- Drug and alcohol abuse

We as American Christians know what is important. Fight the good fight.


Sally said...

Instead of wondering what "American Christians"should or should not be doing this Christmas or any other time the question that really matters is "What would God have ME do about the real problems in the World?" There are lots of opportunities to make a real difference. Does sarcasm get the job done? dmb

TimB said...


It turns out I am not too old to be spanked.

Anthony said...

Tim - I saw your response in Arthur Stewart's blog, and I thought I would check your blog out. In reading your post and the comments, I just had to come to your defense and say that Paul was not above using sarcasm when it came to confronting problems within the Church. When confronting the Judiazers and their demands that gentile Christians be circumcised, he said that he wished they would go all the way and emasculate themselves. That is a statement that drips with sarcasm. Moreover, though I can't name specifics, I am quite sure that a few O.T. prophets could be quite sarcastic when confronting the sins of Israel. Like anything, it has to be used with wisdom, but sarcasm is quite an appropriate response to the religious in a fallen world.

TimB said...

Thanks Anthony for coming to my defense. Sarcasm is a "gift" that I use frequently, much to the frustration of my wife. The post is about some of my pet peeves, a conversation my Dad and I have had many times. I think he wants me to shut up about it and start working on the things which I say are important. So far I have been all talk with little action.

A-dub said...

But Tim, I'll gladly stand up,
next to you and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land,
God bless the USA.

(i like sarcasm...but i like action too)