Wednesday, January 9, 2008

An Amusing Cheese Anecdote

Here is a quote from Grandpa's memoir about some food ordered from Montgomery Ward after World War I:

The second item was a five pound block of cheese. It was wrapped in foil and had a violent orange color. On its wrapper it proclaimed that it was made of sheep's milk, in Belgium. Now my Father would eat almost anything if it was labeled "food," but one taste of this cheese shattered his record! Now, there was a roving greyhound in our neighborhood, which regularly canvassed our back yard for possible snacks. Mother, not knowing what else to do with this "disaster" put it out in the backyard, in the hope that the dog might dispose of it. Which he did: I looked outside the window just in time to see him drag it off to one side, dig a hole, and bury it!

I would say that Belgium is not really known for its cheese. Now if it were chocolate? Mmmmm!

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