Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More Greenism

We use disposable diapers for Aidan. While disposables are phenomenally absorbent, they are also a huge waste problem. They are not bio-degradable. When a future society excavates our civilization, all they will find are shiny metallized plastic discs and disposable diapers.

Aidan will probably be potty-trained before too long so I'm not too interested in looking into alternative diapering technologies. I have found a way to reduce by half the number of diapers we use.

Instead of changing his diaper every time he soils himself, I'll leave the diaper on and wait until he soils again. This won't be too much of a problem when he pees. Those diapers will hold a lot. I've changed some that seemed to weigh about 5 pounds. It will be a little messy when he poops but it will motivate him to get potty-trained.*

*The preceding post is sarcastic in tone. In no way does the author intend to make his son walk around in wet and soiled diapers in a misguided attempt to save the environment. The author will continue to change his sons soiled diapers as soon as they are discovered. The author does commit, however, to exploring alternative diapering technologies for any future children the author and his wife my acquire through natural or artificial means. The author would like to thank his readers for their patience and good-humor. The author will continue to refer to himself in the third person for the remainder of this post. The author also really likes cheese.

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Judy said...

whew - I'm so glad you had that disclaimer, I was really concerned that you weren't going to be changing Aidan regularly! Disclaimers fix everything.