Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Bodily Functions

Aidan is getting interested in bodily functions. Every time he farts he says, "poo poo." I check his diaper and it is clean. He tells our baby sitter, Liz, that he needs to go poo poo. She puts him on the toilet where he sits for ten minutes and then says "all done." No poo poo.

We can be playing at home when I notice a familiar pungent aroma. "Aidan, did you go poo poo?" "No Daddy," he replies. I check his diaper and find he has.

The other day he was in the bathroom watching me water the porcelain pot. He reached out and tried to put his hand in the stream. Needless to say, I prevented him from doing so.

He's got the basic idea down. We just need to work on the details.

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jess mac said...

So glad I have girls...watering the porcelion pot-really? Where do guys come up with these things?