Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Perception is (My) Reality

What number do you see? I see a bunch of dots.

It turns out that I'm colorblind. Just a little bit. You know those colored dot tests where the colored dots are supposed to make a number, they don't always make a number for me. I was kind of shocked because I've seen colors my entire life. I know the difference between red and green and yellow and blue and orange and pink.

I see 45. What do you see?

When I went to join the Navy almost 20 years ago, I scored really well on the ASVAB test (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery). They were trying to get me into one of the nuclear programs. I wasn't all that interested because I wanted to be a journalist or photographer. When they found out I was slightly colorblind, they pulled those offers off the table and gave me nothing. And I still joined. What was I thinking?

I know the difference between Ferrari red and Aston Martin green. I have never mistaken a fire truck for a forest service truck. I have never attached the red wire to the green wire. But apparently I don't see these colors the way they really are. I see them through the filter of my cock-eyed mind.

I can still appreciate a cloudy sky as much as a clear blue sky. I just don't know what they really look like.

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