Thursday, January 31, 2008

Profitable? Good? Necessary.

I was reading some comments on the OC Register's blog a few weeks ago. A commenter wrote that recycling plans are a waste of money. They are not profitable and must be subsidized by the government. He wrote that we are not in danger of running out of landfills, we are only in danger of running out of nearby landfills. We will just have to ship our garbage further afield in the future.


We live in a society that lives and dies by the (not so) mighty dollar. In the eyes of many, an enterprise must be profitable in order to have merit. If something is not profitable it is not worth doing. I disagree.

While making profit is necessary for enterprises to exist in the long term, a portion of those profits should be used to subsidize activities which are not profitable. Certain enterprises are not profitable but are necessary for our continued existence on this planet. While it is true that it is not profitable to recycle some items (plastics generally), the alternative is a planet filled with our refuse.

Who cares?

Our children will care. Our grandchildren will care. Our great-grandchildren will care. The people who live where we are going to ship our garbage will care.

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