Sunday, February 24, 2008


I hate when a news reporter will say or write that a "badly decomposed" body was found. Badly is not the right word to describe the process of decomposition. The decomposition is progressing just fine, thank you. The body might be in the early stages of decomposition or it might be in an advanced state of decomposition.

But "badly"?

A mummified body is badly decomposed.


Julie said...

I want to say something witty, here.

All I can do is laugh.

brian said...

Maybe the corpse wasn't doing it right. Maybe it was decomposing "badly" as opposed to "well." Or "goodly."

Imagine the embarrassment that corpse must experience. "Geez, all the other dead bodies seem to be rotting just perfectly, but I just can't seem to. I can't even DIE right."

TimB said...

Thanks for the comment Brian. Self-esteem issues in corpses needs further study in the psychiatric community.

Props for "goodly." I'm going to try to work that into a few conversations this week.