Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Guess I'm Not Very Neighborly

Tabitha and I started going to a little church. Little churches are small fellowship/bible study groups within our church. We haven't been involved in one for a few years and felt it was time to get reconnected at church. And meet some new people.

Our little church is reading Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybells, a book about sharing the Gospel. Not in a "stand on the street corner passing out tracts" or "knocking on stranger's doors" kind of evangelism but the "getting to know people and building a level of trust" kind of evangelism.

Two weeks ago, we did an exercise that gauged how much we know about our neighbors. I was embarassed to realize that I know very little about my neighbors. At most I know a few people's first names. No one has been over to our house for dinner. I don't know what my neighbors do for a living. I don't know much and I've lived in our house for three years.

I will admit that I am generally introverted. So is Tabitha. We are busy with our jobs and children. I could probably come up with a dozen reasons (excuses) why we don't have anything beyond the most superficial relationship with our neighbors. I am missing an opportunity here.

Not to cajole people into attending my church, but to build relationships and bring the Gospel.

I might even discover that one of my neighbors likes cheese as much as I do.

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