Monday, February 11, 2008

Is Your God...Jehovah?

In 1997 Tabitha and I were able to chaperone a group of American Junior High kids on a trip through Italy, Austria, and Hungary. One component of the trip was a home stay. The students and chaperones got to spend a couple of nights with a host family.

Tabitha and I stayed with a family in the little town of Bad Hall outside of Salzburg. They had two adult children and lived in a home they were building on the side of a hill. The views of the Alps were amazing.

Austria is a predominently Catholic country. There is little to no Protestant presence, particularly in the smaller towns. Our host mother knew we weren't Catholic. One day, she asked us, "Is your God...Jehovah?" Tabitha and I looked at each other, both thinking Jehovah is one of the names we call God, and answered "Yes."

Our host mother got a knowing look in her eye and said, "Ohh." The subject never came up again but we noticed a certain coldness in her attitude toward us.

After we had left the country, we realized our host mother thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses.

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