Monday, February 25, 2008

The Sacrifices We Make for Our Children

The DVD Snow Buddies has been playing on a loop at our house lately. This tale, from the maker of Air Bud, tells the tale of a group of golden retriever puppies who stow away in a container of ice cream. That they don't freeze to death before being parachuted into a small Alaskan village is a minor miracle.

When they land on the ground, the puppies are taken in by a young boy who decides to use them to compete in a sled dog race. They win. The puppies go home to their families and everyone learns a valuable lesson - helping others is more important than winning.

The villain of the tale is a weaselly French-Canadian. Who could be a better villain than a French-Canadian. He's French and he's Canadian. Perfect.

The dogs all talk. And they all share the personalities of their owners. There's the girl dog, the athlete dog, the yoga dog, the muddy dog, and the hip-hop dog. What could be cuter?

Excuse me while I wipe the vomit from my lips.

Some kids movies are great. Every Pixar movie has been incredible (even The Incredibles). Mary Poppins has Dick Van Dyke with a corny cockney accent and Julie Andrews in all of her hotness. Beauty and the Beast has dancing furniture. The Little Mermaid has a gigantic purple monster.

Snow Buddies has talking puppies.

Abigail will get tired of the movie soon. I keep asking her if she wants to see Finding Nemo. Maybe in another week.

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