Friday, February 22, 2008

Focus on the Fundamentals

I found this while perusing the interweb:

To be signed before any church group uses the (name deleted) facilities for a Custom Camp.
(Church Name) wishes to assure (name deleted) that our church does not knowingly support or sanction any organization, denomination, cause, or institution which is liberal, neo-orthodox, ecumenical, charismatic, or neo-evangelical. Nor are we affiliated with the National Council of Churches or the National Association of Evangelicals.

We understand that (name deleted) believes in the autonomy of the local church and in the priesthood of the believer and is not trying to dictate policy to our church. However, we realize that (name deleted) wants to avoid any compromising situation and wants to keep its name and reputation clean so that fundamental churches may use the facilities and program without fear of compromise.

We further understand that (name deleted) requests the use of Sacred Traditional Music as opposed to Contemporary Christian Music, and modesty for both men and women. We agree to help maintain the integrity of (name deleted)'s position in these areas while using the facility. Our church makes the above assurances and agrees to inform (name deleted) if we ever change our position or can no longer agree to honor (name deleted)'s policy while using the facility.

I think this is kind of sad. I believe this is a Christian facility used by Christian organizations but they don't seem to return the favor.

Maybe we can laugh about this when we are in Paradise.

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