Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Darn You Gillette

So there I was with my three-bladed Gillette Mach 3 razor. What a great razor. It shaved close with minimal irritation. Who could want anything more?

And then I see the Gillette Fusion at the store. Five blades! Are you kidding me. Who needs five blades. Three blades are plenty.

One day I get the mail and find that Gillette has sent me a free Fusion razor. Uh oh. I know how this works. First they give you a little taste, and then when you're hooked, BAM!

Like a sucker I used the Fusion.

Wow. Where have you been all my life, Gillette Fusion. It glided across my face like a bobsled on an icy run. Short beard, long beard. It made no difference. It even had that little blade on the back to get those hard to reach areas.

But there was a catch. There's always a catch.

I went to Target today to buy replacement cartridges. $12.49 for a package of four! Three dollars a piece. I had to tap into my equity line of credit to complete the purchase.

At least they last for a while. The Mach 3 blades only lasted a week before they started to irritate. They seemed to have a sweet spot of only three shaves. The Fusion blades last for at least three weeks. They shave great from first shave to the second to last shave.

Because they are so expensive I try to use them only every other day.


mantic59 said...

Or you could spend a little time to learn proper shave technique. I use a single-bladed safety razor, along with a shaving brush and traditional shave cream or soap, and my blades cost me $0.13-$0.17 (in bulk)! Check out the traditional shaving sub-culture at web forums like www.shavemyface.com and www.badgerandblade.com, and my youtube shaving channel at www.youtube.com/shavetutor

Bopop said...

Move over Dan Bernstein!